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Тест на знание
английского языка

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Пройдите наш 20-минутный онлайн тест на знание английского языка, чтобы получить общую оценку вашего уровня владения языком.


Тест разделен на 4 уровня.

Доступ к каждому следующему уровню открывается только в случае прохождения текущего с не более, чем 2-мя ошибками.

Всего 4 уровня, по 10 вопросов в каждом.


  1. He ______ a doctor.
  2. He works in 2 ________.
  3. ______ wife is an actress.
  4. She ____ very popular now.
  5. Where _____ he live with his family?
  6. They ______ in a nice little house.
  7. He _____ speak English and Russian.
  8. He ____ in England and America in 1999.
  9. She _______ in Mariinskiy theatre last year, but it was not very interesting.
  10. She ______ work in Alexandrinskiy theatre next year.


  1. They have a daughter _____ daughter is only 10 years old
  2. Many people ask her: “ ____ your father a good doctor ? Can he help me ? “.
  3. She doesn’t like these questions and she ______ stops talking to that person.
  4. She _______ a book now.
  5. And yesterday she ______ a letter to her grandma in Texas.
  6. They ____ meet very often , but write letters every week.
  7. There _____ many letters in her little special box.
  8. But she usually doesn’t have ____ time to read them.
  9. She knows lots of words , so her letters are _____ than before.
  10. But it’s the ________ problem in her life . Next year she is going to another school….


  1. She _______ to be a good student there.
  2. She spoke to her dad about it _________.
  3. While they _______ from school to friends.
  4. He said to her : “I’m sure you ________ have good time in this new school.”
  5. She has already _____ this from her dad.
  6. She hoped he would tell her ________ new.
  7. But she ________ speak her ideas to father , because she didn’t want to make him sad.
  8. “I _________ do something positive by myself, I’m a big girl!“ – she said to herself.
  9. If I _____ a letter to my grandma, she will definitely help me.
  10. And that letter ________ very soon.


  1. Next September I _______ a new school – my documents are accepted and I passed the exam.
  2. I ______ you for a long time and you always helped me a lot and never told my secrets to anyone.
  3. I ___________ about this new school and
  4. I’m afraid I ________ to find friends there and become all alone.
  5. What _______ I do?
  6. Before I wrote this letter , I ____ to my best friend Sarah , but she is so silly …
  7. I ______ not right , but she just thinks I shouldn’t worry about such nonsense.
  8. If she _____ to go to new school, I would tell her something more detailed, I suppose.
  9. But I’m sure you’ll give me the best advice, ________ you?

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