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Значения слова MEAN

Разбираем значения слова MEAN. В первом видео - глаголы и существительные. Во втором - прилагательные.

  • What does that mean? – It means what it means.

  • What these numbers mean, please? / These numbers mean nothing to me.

  • Information is power, guys. I mean it.

  • I mean it. I mean I’m grateful.

  • I didn’t mean any harm.

  • Seems yours might mean a lot to a whole lot of people.

  • Chandler, look. You and Monica are meant to have children.

  • I mean business! / But these guys mean business.

  • I meant well. – People always mean well.

  • The mean of 4 and 6 is 5.

  • The most reliable means of public transportation.

  • We need to find a mean between questions that are too difficult and those that are too easy.

  • The mean temperature here is 10 degrees.
  • He’s a mean, mean guy.

  • Phil is so mean to me.

  • Mean, surly, nasty, rude.

  • He was too big, too mean-looking.

  • The mean streets of Philadelphia.

  • You used to be kind of a mean player.

  • She’s a mean player. = She’s no mean player.

  • Which is no mean feat.