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Лыжный пер. д. 4 корп 3

Разбор слова GROUND

У слова ground много значений. Но все они в той или иной степени отсылают к земле - как к территории, как к приземлению, к ее внешнему виду.

  • Just sit on the ground!

  • Using the old folks’ home as a dumping ground?

  • Did Billy Bibbit leave the grounds of the hospital, gentlemen?

  • On what grounds, exactly? - On the grounds of patriotism.

  • And together we can find a common ground.

  • The ship was grounded on a sandbank.

  • You’re all grounded!

  • Who’s putting coffee grounds in the disposal?

И также есть ряд хороших идиом с этим словом.

  • I will drive them into the goddamn ground!
  • Could never get the project off the ground, though.

  • Run him to ground.

  • Their political ideas have a lot of support on the ground.

  • Get in in the ground floor.

  • You lose ground to black and yellow.